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Personal records:
5k - 22:53 [ZooStampede2012]
Half Marathon - 1:58:00 [RnRVB2012]
Full Marathon - 4:30:27 [RnRDC2013]
Bench - 90#
Squat - 175#
Deadlift - 210#

1st September 2013

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VBRnR Race Recap

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible.

I was terrified going into this race. I was almost certain I was going to DNF, to be honest. I’ve never felt this unprepared for a race, but I got to the start line and just told myself to do what I could.

Around mile 5, I started to catch my second wind. I knew I was keeping around a 10min pace, so I decided at that point I was going to make the best of this run. I became everyone’s cheerleader. I high-fived and thanked the spectators and cheerleaders along the course. I encouraged everyone at each mile mark. I had fun, and that’s all I wanted. As always, shortmom’s mantra kept me going. Let Go Let’s Go Legs Go

It was a bit more humid this year than previously, and my shoes were puddles by the end. My feet are sore, but I don’t have any new blisters to deal with. My knees are sore, but that comes with being slower.

I met up with Kate and Matt after the race. They killed the course. I’m really happy for them!

My goal for Philly in two weeks is to beat this time.

If anyone else is still in the area, we’re going to the concert tonight! Hit me up!

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  1. runningforourbaby said: Very Proud of you girl! congrats
  2. stephsaysgo said: Knew you would finish it!
  3. shortmom said: Awesome!!!! Soaking shoes are the worst.
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