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Mostly I blog about my training, teaching, and my dogs. I post my face more than anything. And gifs when I drink.

Personal records:
5k - 22:53 [ZooStampede2012]
Half Marathon - 1:58:00 [RnRVB2012]
Full Marathon - 4:30:27 [RnRDC2013]
Bench - 90#
Squat - 175#
Deadlift - 210#

11th July 2013

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Throw Back Thursday - Baby Scrappy Edition

I held Scrappy as often as I could and he slept with me for the majority of the first year and a half of his life. I think that’s why he’s so enamored with me. How could you not snuggle him to death, though?!?

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  1. stephsaysgo said: OMG soooo tiny and cute!
  2. runningforourbaby said: Scrappy!!!! Omg! So cute!!!
  3. randidoeslife said: I forgot how tiny he was!!! So cute!!!
  4. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Babyyyyyy!!
  5. fitnerd said: BABY SCRAPPY. Oh my gosh. I’m in love.
  6. runslikeapenguin said: MELTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  7. runningrecipesramblings said: OMG.
  8. abitofsilliness said: BEBEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. runhardliveloud said: Ded.
  10. seestephyrun said: Omg so flipping cute
  11. trivialbob said: Cute dog :)
  12. katebikerun said: At first I was like WUUTT ANOTHER DOG. And then it was a TBT. Hes cute!
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